Facial Peels & Microdermabrasion

Custom Facial Peels & Diamond-Tipped Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion…only better! This diamond tipped, crystal-free, low-suction abrasion system resurfaces skin to instantly reveal a smoother, more even, younger-looking complexion without the risk of irritation associated with traditional microdermabrasion.

VI Peels - $275

Custom Facial Peels - 45 minutes | 135

We will create a customized peel plan specifically designed for your skin.  By incorporating an initial skin consultation, this innovative approach to skincare will allow your esthetician to determine your individual optimal treatment. We offer a variety of acid and enzyme peels to best serve your skin’s immediate needs.

What are Acid or Enzyme Peels? 

Acids and enzymes are applied to the skin in order to accelerate the exfoliation process. A combination of 2 or 3 different acid/enzymes may be used to achieve a result that will leave your skin glowing!

Acids: Glycolic, Retinoic, Salicylic, Lactic, Kojic and Mandelic.

Enzymes: Pineapple & Papaya or Organic Passion Fruit.

Designed to help achieve serious skin rejuvenation, improve texture, tone and clarity, as well as visible reduction in the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Extractions are not performed during peels. Your esthetician will choose a customized peel plan specifically designed for your skin needs.

Add to any facial service, no time added. | 65

*Inquire about packages.

Micro-Derm Express - 30 minutes | 99

For anyone on a tight schedule. This treatment is ideal to help keep skin smooth while minimizing marks, scars and discoloration. This treatment softens the look of fine lines and large pores. Enjoy immediate results with no down time. Treatment ends at the jawline.

*No extractions are performed on Micro-Derm Express.

Deluxe Microdermabrasion - 60 minutes | 199

A non-surgical way to restore your skin on the face and neck to its youthful appearance.

This treatment is ideal to help smooth skin and minimize marks, scars and discoloration while softening the look of fine lines and large pores.

Experience immediate results with no down time!

Back-Microdermabrasion - 45 minutes | 149

Highly recommended for brides-to-be. Look and feel radiant on your special day! This treatment helps reduce scarring and fights future acne before it emerges.

*Inquire about packages

Deluxe Facial Enhancements

*Add to any facial service, no time added.

*Must be added to an already existing service.

Boost the results of your facial with one of our amazing facial enhancements! Moisture-rich sheet and gel masques contain a high concentration of ultra-hydrating ingredients to provide anti-aging benefits and instantly give the skin a plump, radiant and firm appearance!

Pure Collagen | 25

All skin types. Great after microdermabrasion or peel treatment. 

Collagen & Ginkgo Biloba | 25

Calming for rosacea, sensitive and delicate skin.

Collagen & Aloe Vera | 25

Quenching for dry, sensitized skin. Suitable after sunburn. 

Caviar & Collagen | 25

Great for oily, dehydrated skin.

Gold Collagen Masque | 35

Our 24-karat gold masque will help to reduce redness, puffiness, sun damage, and fine lines as it delivers intense hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Infusion Vitamin C Masque | 35

Infusion Collagen Masque | 35

Infusion Multivitamin Masque | 35

Paraffin Hand/Feet Dip | 15